Listen to the sounds! They never stand still: They dance with joy de vivre, affirming life, with all its complexities and inconsistencies. The stellar beauty of the music lies in the order of the canvas, with richly, and even densely painted lines intersecting, sparring, bouncing off one another. Listen to it again and again. Each time new wonders emerge, new perspectives peer through the cracks, new delights peek around uncharted corners. This is Music of the Moment, yes. But it is more than that. Through the assemblage of disparate elements is a unity that transcends its time, that builds a tower of consequences, a field of dreams, a monument to wonder. The Quartet succeeds in its act of being, its existential affirmation of the here and now. Crack its code, and discover its magic. It is not easy music to which to become accustomed: Don’t give in to impulse; just patiently persevere. Like anything worthwhile, the rewards are there.“ Steven A Loewy lives in Washington, D.C. and writes for Cadence, Coda, and The All-Music Guide to Jazz.


Johannes Bauer...trombone
Luc Houtkamp..saxophones
Dieter Manderscheid...bass
Martin Blume...drums

The Quartet works together since 1997 and toured extensivley in Germany, Holland, Austria and France and performed at important Festivals like Musique Action 1999 Vandoevre-Les-Nancy, Vancouver International Jazzfestival 2000, Jazz a Mulhouse 2000, Zomer Jazz Fietstour Groningen 2000, Taktlos Basel/Zürich April 2001, Jazz & Other Bolzano 2001, Jazzherbst Dachau 2003...

Johannes Bauer
is one of the most outstanding trombone players and has built up an excellent international reputation. Succeeded in forging his very own idea of playing the trombone in a way that pushes Jazz and Improvised Music to their limits. He adds a distinctive quality to collective interplay by always adopting a definite attitude towards the musical process. Has been playing with musicians like Evan Parker, Irene Schweitzer, Keith Tippett, Cecil Taylor, Peter Brötzmann, Han Bennink and many others.

Luc Houtkamp
has arrived at an approach to the saxophone that uses the special techniques adopted by many contemporary saxophonists, such as slaptongue, shakes, multiphonics, and circulair breathing. He feels that one aspect that particularly typifies his playing is a strong understanding of form and structure that give the impression that his music is a completely composed one. Since 1985 he has also become active as a composer of electronic and computer music. In his electronic work, the use of self developed interactive computer programmes play an important role. He has run workshops and undertaken guest teaching at: Royal Conservatory, Den Haag; School of the Art Institute of Chicago; Mills College, Oakland; University of Pennsylvania, Edinboro; San Jose State University; Hochshule für Musik, Stuttgart. He has been particularly active in promoting his own music and attempting to ensure that it reaches as wide an audience as possible; to this end, he formed a (vinyl) record label, Ooyevaer Disk, and, more recently, the CD label, X-OR

Dieter Manderscheid
started his career at the Cologne Jazz House Circle and is now one of the international most requested freelancing bassplayers. He worked together with so different musicians like Harry Beckett, John Betsch, Peter Brötzmann, Phil Minton, Michael Moore, Günther Sommer, Georg Graewe, Klaus König, Kenny Wheeler, Thomas Heberer and Dirk Daulfs. "Manderscheid`s involted style is typical many new virtuoso bassists, but he reveals a particular affinity for Dave Holland`s work." Cadence

Martin Blume

There is also an extended version of FOURinONE combining acoustic and electronic instruments: 

FOURinONE - POW Ensemble
"Teaming up"


STELEN (2000)
Random Acoustics RA 026

#40 Vienna & #41 Bernbeuren, 2003 (2004)
x-or field recording fr 13